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Kitchen Towels in Poland

    Kitchen towels in the Polish market has got a significant boost over the last 20 years.

    From year 2007 to 2012, kitchen towels saw the most dynamic growth ammong all tissue products categories in retail market in Poland, reaching US﹩343million. Not only inside the kitchen environment, the Polish consumers also started to appreciate the convenience of kitchen towels, allowing them to perform all kinds of cleaning tasks. In addition, a changing retail environment has also favoured category development. French hypermarket Tesco and Carrefour have become important players in the Polish retail environment, both selling a variety of private label products and branded tissue products. Domestic discounter chain Biedronka, holding a 22% share of modern Polish retailing, has driven category development in particular.
    In 2007, Polish households spent US﹩4.00 on kitchen towels on average, the figure doubled to US﹩8.00 by 2012 and is expected to reach US﹩12.00 by 2017, drawing level with the average household spend in Germany.
    Polish consumers are price conscious and seek value-for-money kitchen towels. Kitchen towels have become an essential product in Polish households and Polish consumers are able to afford them due to rising disposable income and wider product choices. Over the short term, it can be expected that demand for kitchen towels will continue to grow steadily, adding an additional value of US﹩100million to category sales by 2017.
    Same as German consumers, Polish consumers started to appreciate the discounters in retailing environment, this will further strengthen the position of private label products. However, branded products can seek opportunities from premium segment like printed/colored and fragranced products.


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