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Paper Napkin Machine
YY-III Printing Napkin Machine(4-6colors)
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Product Introduction:
This napkin machine is designed to convert paper napkin with 4-6 color printing.
1.      Compact structure, easy web threading;
2.      No colors matching error, nice printing result;
3.      Easy to change the product sizes;
4.      Standard manufacture, installation and commission(user’s manual and drawings can help you install and start up the machine).
 Technical Parameters:
Equipment name
YY-III Printing Napkin Machine(4-6 colors)
1.Jumbo roll (raw material)
(1)   Grammage: 15-18g/2-ply or 3-ply virgin pulp paper(wet-strength);
(2)   Size: φ1200×330mm(for 250mm or 400mm please order);
(3)   Core dia.: 3”(other sizes please order);
2.Product size
(1) Full size: 330×330mm(±2mm);
(2) Folded size: 165×165mm(±2mm),  1/4fold;
3.Emboss station
(1)Steel to wool roller
4.Printing unit
(1) 4-6color overall printing;
(2) Easy to change different rubber patterns;
(3) Ceramic anilox roller;
(4) Stainless steel ink tank;
5.Production speed
0-300 pcs/min;
6.Controlling part
(1) Inverter control; PLC program control;
(2) Machine stop while paper break;
(3) Auto counting;
(4) Power needed:380V 50HZ 5.5KW(main motor), 22KW(drying);
(5) Air pressure: 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa(buyer prepares);
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