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Facial Tissue Machines
Facial Tissue Machines
YY-FT Facial Tissue Machine
2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine 2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine 2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine
Product Introduction:
The Facial Tissue Machine is designed to convert facial tissue and V-fold paper towel.
1.      Advanced spiral cross cutting technology ensures complete cut-off, low noise and longer life-span of the blades;
2.      Energy-efficient;
3.      Production speed 130m/min, high efficiency;
4.      Interactive folding tolerance ≤2mm;
5.      Independent jumbo roll loading structure;
6.      All pneumatic units pressure adjustable;
7.      Magic eye detecting, machine stop while paper break;
8.      Safeguarding device is CE standard.
Technical parameters:
     Equipment name
YY-FT Facial tissue machine
1.      Applicable jumbo roll(raw material)
(1)   GSM: 13-20g/double ply and 12-18g/ three plies for facial tissue, 38-45 g/single ply for V-fold paper towel;
(2)   Jumbo roll size:∮1500×1400m;
(3)   Jumbo roll core diameter: 3” and 6”.
2.      Product size
(1)   Cross cutting length 210±1mm(other sizes, please order)
(2)   Folded size: 105+2mm×200 mm(longitudinal sizes are adjustable);
3.      Unwinding stands
(1)   2 unwinders, flat and wide belt feeding paper( 4 unwinders, please order);
(2)   Independent servo motor controls the web tension to ensure stable paper feeding;
(3)   Pneumatic paper loading;
(4)   Auto web guide by motors.
4.      Folding part
(1)   Vacuum absorption folding, spiral cross cutting technology, pneumatic control, easy adjustment, longer life-span of the blades;
(2)   Rotary knife roller is 3-knife type, the folding rollers clearance is adjustable;
(3)   Bearings for the folding are SKF brand;
(4)   Fingers are made of highly hard and light aircraft material;
(5)   Flexible arc-shape roller stretches the paper web;
(6)   Auto counting by moving left an right;
(7)   Timing belt drive;
Controlling part
(1)   Inverter control, PLC programme control, Rocker operation panel;
(2)   Power needed: AC380V  50Hz 5.5KWmain motor, Vacuum pump(Longtech brand)18.5kw(go with the machine)
(3)   Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpabuyer prepares);
(4)   Air consumption: 120-160L/min
(5)   Machine noise: ≤80dB
(6)   Machine size:6500×2600×2400mm
(7)   Machine weight: 6000Kg;
(8)   All the documents(user’s manual, PLC, inverter, touch screen, air and electric drawings, all marks in the machine) are in English and Chinese.
        Capacity(7-lane     machine as an example in 8 hours)
      100 m/min (production speed) ×60min× 8hrs× 15gsm ×4plies×1.4m(paper width) ×  80%efficiency÷1000 =3225.6KG
Optional parts
      width:3-5mmbuyer provides the pattern);
      steel roller to steel wheel, independent cylinder   control;
      Steel to steel roller,
      steel to mirror roller,
      steel to rubber roller,
      steel to wool roller
Color printing
      1 or 2 colors printing
Glue lamination
      Point to point or nested
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