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India--Premature but Vibrant in Tissue Paper Products

       India has a population of 1.216 billion in year 2012, but the tissue paper consumption in this country is very low relative to its population, with annual consumption of less than 150,000 tons; Consumption per capita is less than 0.1KG, only 2.3% of the per capita total consumption(4.4kg) over the globe.

Household paper products in India is relatively simple, mainly paper napkins(square napkins), kitchen towel; Toilet paper, box packed facial tissue and paper towel are comparatively fewer.There is obvious polarization among Indian people, the cultural, ideological and consumption level of the affluent stratum is close to the developed countries; Therefore, they are accustomed to use kitchen towel and facial tissue. Paper napkins and box packed facial tissue are mainly used in public places. Toilet paper is a category growing very slowly, which is concerned with the Indian lifestyle. In addition, the packing type of toilet paper in India is completely different from China, 4 rolls in one bundle package is very popular there, rather than 10 rolls in one bundle.

      It is understood that there are only 5-6 tissue paper mills in India, including 2 large-scale mills with 100% virgin wood pulp production and several small-scale mills with waste paper. Different from China, all the paper mills in India do the jumbo roll production and sales only, no converting. There are more than 2000 converting factories in India, but most of them are family-owned operation, they buy jumbo rolls both from domestic and overseas market and convert into napkins, kitchen towel, facial tissue and toilet paper. The brand loyalty of the Indian people is not high.

       In recent years, the demand for tissue paper products in India is increasing, the market growth rate is 15% to 20%. This suggests that the Indian market has great potential and it is a premature and vibrant market. With the improvement of the economic situation, living standards, literacy and health awareness in India, as well as the influence of Western culture, the developing prospects of tissue paper industry in India will be brighter.




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