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Facial Tissue Machines
Facial Tissue Machines
YY-LS Facial Tissue Cutting Machine
2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine 2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine 2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine
Product Introduction:
Usage: High-speed smart log saw is designed to solve the problems such as not neat cutting side by dot line slitting, more workers needed and low production efficiency. It is an ideal equipment to connect the facial tissue folder and auto wrapping machine, or coreless toilet roll rewinder and auto wrapping machine. Intelligent system and precise servo controlling infeed highly increased the production line automation and efficiency, and at the same time reduced the accidents at work. Advantages of our machine: 1. Worldwide pioneered, the minimum usable diameter of circular blade in our log saw can be down to 400mm; 2. Double servo driving, excellent trimming, no affecting the machine speed(150cuts/min); 3. Smart one-button operation, no need of training, easy operation. 4. A multi-purpose machine, you can cut facial tissue, hand towel, toilet roll in the same machine; 5. Timing belts driving is more precise, cutting tolerance can be zero; 6. All motors are controlled by inverter, saving energy. Technical parameters: Cutting specification L=90-250mm, W=60-120mm, H=30-120mm; Production speed 150cuts/min Control system PLC program control, servo driving, touch screen operation Infeed Servo driving, Timing belt infeed Cutting 360°rotating an moving, continuous cutting Cutting precision Tolerance can be zero Trimming system PLC program control, touch screen operation Knife grinding Automatic grinding, parameters set in the touch screen Circular blade outer dia. ∮610mm Min. usable knife dia. ∮400mm Air pressure 0.5Mpa Power needed 380V 50HZ 6KW Machine size L2300×W1600×H1700mm Machine weight 2000KG Machine color Gray and milk-white, spray paint craft
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