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Paper Napkin Machines
Paper Napkin Machines
YY-II Napkin Machine(1-2colors)
2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine 2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine 2 Lanes Facial Tissue Paper Machine
Product Introduction:


This napkin machine is designed to convert 1/4, 1/6, 1/8fold table napkins, cocktail napkins, beverage napkins and tall fold napkins.
1.      Compact structure, small space required;
2.      Big output by two decks, production speed: 0-1800pcs/min;
3.      Convenient operation;
4.      Save your cost in energy and labor force compared with one deck.
Technical parameters:
Equipment Name
YY-II Napkin Machine(1-2colors)
1. Jumbo roll
1GSM:13.5-16g/double-ply paper, 19-25 g/single-ply paper
2sizeφ1500×520mm(other sizes please order)
3core diameterφ76mm(other sizes please order)                                                                     
2. Emboss station
steel-to-wool emboss
4. Product size
1Full size260×260±2mm);
2Folded size130×130(±2mm)   1/4fold(for 1/6 and 1/8fold, please order)
3Production speed: 0-200m/min(0-1800sheets/min);
4two-deck output
5. Controlling part
1 Inverter control
2 Auto-counting function1—999pieces);
3 Stop the machine when paper breaks
4 Power needed: AC380V50HZ 5KW;
5 Air pressure0.5paBuyer prepares.
Optional part
1.      Emboss
Steel to steel, steel to wool, steel to mirror
2.      Printing
1-2colors LOGO printing;
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